Scandinavian Bike Tech

We are a company that has full focus on suspension in the bicycle industry. Both in Sales, Service and Consulting.

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SBT recommends is a label we which we only put on products that can have a significant improvement advantage.

SBT Optimized

Is our Optimization brand with full focus on improvements both within setup courses and optimization of front forks and rear shocks.

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You book an appointment inside our booking system and get an appointment.

We always try to have the greatest possible capacity in the workshop so it is possible to have a quick time.

Book and service

You can submit in 4 different ways.

1 - Even filing = You deliver in person at our address.

2 - Return shipping = You are responsible for submission, we will send it back.

3 - Pickup and Return Shipping "Business Address Only" = We make sure to pick up from you with GLS or UPS and we also take care of return shipping.

4 - Packaging is sent to your address with label for submission and return shipping We send a box with protection packaging and a label for submission and we also provide return shipping.

Opportunities can vary from country to country.

If we encounter something that may require major changes or price increases, we always ask for approval through our approval system before proceeding.

Should this happen, you will receive an email with photos as well as a detailed description of the problem as well as a link to approval and payment.

We service a wide number of brands se me.

If you can not find the model or brand you are looking for, finally just ask as we can definitely help the end in-house or guide you to the right service center.

No it is not possible to return a service and thereby for a refund.

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Of course, we always hope you are really happy with your purchase. But if the accident should be out and you want to return the item, this is of course an option.

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We ship to all countries in Scandinavia - Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

In Denmark, most items can be delivered from 1-2 days.

Sweden, most items can be delivered from 1-3 days in most of Sweden.

Norway, most goods can be delivered from 1-4 days depending on customs and distance.

Finland can be delivered from 1-3 days in most of Finland.

We use GLS or UPS depending on the country and item to be delivered. But it will appear from the order which supplier we use.